Mars Fellows

Mars Crystal

Ticker: $MCL

Total supply: unlimited

Martian Crystal ($MCL) is earned by playing the game. Martian crystals earned in the game can then be withdrawn to the wallet.


  • Battles. Earnings depend on the type and class of buildings. Each characteristic gives a certain bonus to the standard reward.
  • Quests. By completing various quests, the player is rewarded with resources and Martian crystals depending on the difficulty of the quest.
  • Rank rewards. Players earn $MCL for getting a new rank.
  • Rent. An additional source of income for Martian Crystals is renting out their buildings to other players for $MCL.

Use cases:

  • Buy epic boxes. Boxes are source for all epic types of units in the game.
  • Upgrade epic buildings and heroes. This will help you win more battles and receive additional rewards. As well as resource extraction.
  • Buy legendary warriors. If you have only epic buildings you can buy legendary warriors on marketplace to crush your opponents.
  • Buy shields. The shield will protect you from battles and give you the opportunity to better develop the base, create more warriors and defensive structures.
  • Buy boosters. It will help you quickly reach the level you need for a particular unit, increase warriors creation and resource mining.
  • Rent. Possibility to rent various types of units, be it barracks, mines or defensive buildings from building owners on the marketplace.
  • Buy in-game resources. If you need more in-game resources, there is always an opportunity to buy additional resources for building new structures and create warriors.
  • Staking for NFT items. Get new NFT items by staking Mars Crystals ($MCL).
  • Buy skins for buildings and heroes. It can help you to get additional advantages among players.