Mars Fellows

Mars Token

Ticker: $MAF

Total Supply: 480 000 000


  • Special events - during these events, players will have the opportunity to earn both Martian tokens and various collectible NFTs.
  • Tournaments - where clans and players will fight each other and earn trophies
  • Marketplace - where you can sell and rent (lease out) legendary units.

Use cases:

  • Buy legendary boxes. Boxes are source for legendary types of units in the game (in this case, the legendary one).
  • Buy martian mines. These mines produce Martian crystals ($MCL), which gives players the opportunity to get passive income.
  • Upgrade legendary buildings and heroes. This will help you win more battles and receive additional rewards. As well as resource mining.
  • Sell legendary warriors. Get Mars Crystals ($MCL) for prodcuing legendary warriors.
  • Rent (lease out). Get Mars Crystals for renting your legendary buildings to another players.
  • Staking for NFT items. Stake tokens and get epic or legendary items.
  • Rounds:
    • Seed: $200'000 hard cap at $2’739’840 valuation (price 0.0057 BUSD per token)
    • Private: $370'000 hard cap at $6’720’000 valuation (price 0.014 BUSD per token)
    • Public: $400'000 hard cap at $10’512’000 valuation (price 0.0219 BUSD per token)