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What is a Martian Base Rental?

Martian Base Rental is an opportunity for players to take advantage of various buildings, warriors and heroes.This feature gives players the opportunity to try units of different levels before purchasing them and at the same time enhance the gaming experience.
The owners of the base can rent out the base (buildings, warriors and heroes) by placing it on the marketplace. Rent is payed by Martian crystals.
What does each party get from rental? 1. The owner of the base gets the opportunity of passive income of Martian crystals.
2. At the same time, the owner (renting out the base for crystals) can rent other units - this will allow players to study new units without investing additional funds in the game.
3. The tenant gets the opportunity to strengthen current base with new units in order to win battles and earn Martian crystals, experience (for leveling up) and trophies.
4. The tenant also gets the opportunity to study the units before actually buying them - thereby expanding their experience and configuring the strongest base!
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