Mars Fellows
The goal of the Martian Token and the Martian Crystal is to minimize influence of speculations through widespread use within the ecosystem, which will enable a strong circulating economy and decentralized ownership and governance of Mars Fellows.
The two token model ensures the sustainability and scalability of the ecosystem through the widest variability in the use of tokens.

What makes us different?

Omnichain NFTs - NFT items can be migrated between different blockchains and sold on multiple marketplaces.
Internal Exchange Engine - provides opportunity to buy NFT items for tokens and fiat in game. For the whole economy nothings changes and token flow is safe.
Deep Gameplay with F2P/F2E/P2E concepts - players must not only want to earn but to play as usual mobile games with purchasing different items (for example, boosters in Clash of Clans).
Strong In-game Economy and Deflation Mechanics - the key is to make people invest time or money for development of there account and base. So it must be wel balance - not too difficult and not too easy to develop. Deflationary mechanism - traditional staking, staking for NFT items, burning mechanics.
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