Mars Fellows
The army buildings will affect the strength of your attacking army, which will allow you to win more attacks. To build all buildings from the section, the army requires an elixir. For the construction
  • Camp Modernization and construction of more camps, allows you to store more troops, increasing the chances of winning the raids.
  • Barracks The barracks allow you to train troops for the attack of enemies. Improve the barracks to unlock advanced units capable of winning the epic battles.
  • Lab In Lab, you can level-up your troops.
  • Factory guns Allows shells that can help with attack enemies.
  • General headquarters This is essentially an army camp / laboratory for the heroes of the gnomes. When he does not participate in the battle, you can see how the hero goes around the headquarters or sleeps on it to restore health. You will need a free builder and tokens to build headquarters. As soon as the headquarters are installed, the hero is immediately caused. The placement of the general headquarters occurs instantly, and additional resources are not required to call the hero.
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