Mars Fellows
Resources are the currency used to purchase and improve assets. For building buildings, the player's rank glasses are also given.
Improving the headquarters opens access to new protective structures, buildings, traps and a lot. Placing the headquarters outside the base does not make sense, as it will be quickly destroyed. The player must protect the base, as it contains 20% of all resources that will go nodenty in the event of the destruction of the player's base.
The headquarters has the highest health points among all the relative level buildings, with the exception of walls, which means that their destruction takes a lot of time. Placing your headquarters within reach of your most powerful protection can give your protection more chances to destroy the attackers.
  • Golden mine Golden mine produces gold. Update it to increase the production and capacity of gold storage..
  • Gold storage All mined gold falls into the repository. Upgrade the storage to increase its tank and attack resistance. Improving the level of gold storage to a higher level than required for storage purposes, can potentially save gold in the raid. Since the attacker receives the amount of gold proportional to the percentage of damage applied by each blow, the higher health of the upgraded building leads to a smaller amount of gold per blow. In addition, it takes more time to destroy more time that gives your protection more time to destroy the attacker before he can steal all available gold. If your gold storage is filled, you will not be able to store more gold in it until it is improved or the gold will not be used.
  • Argon mine Argon is extracted from sources under your database. Improve your argon mines to maximize resource production.
  • Argon storage All mined plutonium falls into the repository. Upgrade the storage to increase its tank and attack resistance.
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