Mars Fellows
  • Miner-warrior Detachment of melee, intended only for one goal. He is the first detachment unlocked in the barracks.
  • Shooter Far battle detachment designed for firing one goal. It is the first long-range detachment unlocked in barracks, and a second squad unlocked in the game.
  • Exo The third detachment available in the barracks. The first goal of the expo is defense, which makes it an ideal army to quickly get rid of protection. However, due to low damage, it is better to use them in large groups.
  • Prone Preferred resource buildings over all other objectives and all other types of enemy buildings and troops will be bypassed until any resource buildings remain on the battlefield.
  • Stenol Fifth detachment available in barracks. The walls attack the walls, inflicting their huge damage.
  • Jetpack Jetpacker is an improved wall, which is now attacking with air. They dump the ground bombs with a great damage from splashes that can destroy a wide range of ground goals, but can be easily destroyed by any aircraft buildings or buildings that cause damage by air. (for example, air defense). These are the most slow and attacking troops in the game. Nevertheless, they have the fourth-value damage for the squad in the game.
  • Plasma It shoots the balls of the hot plasma, which cause a big damage, but require support, since he has relatively few glasses of life, and it is easy to kill point protection.
  • Doctor The only detachment without attacking abilities, but can treat any terrestrial troops.
  • Flying flamethrower Flying on Jetpack of Dwarfs with flamethrower. Like the plasma, the attacks of this unit are caused by damage in the area.
  • Heavy bur This is a slow and expensive Pectonic detachment of a melee, which takes up a lot of space, but has a large number of lifestyle and damage. Since this squad has a very high attack damage, as well as high lifelong glasses, it is recommended to place them in pairs at every corner of the enemy village or next to a bunch of enemy defensive structures.
  • Flying drone This is an awesome flying unit that can attack both ground and air units, causing damage in the area. When drone is not located next to other air units, it goes into combat mode and receive additional damage and the attack speed.
  • Miner Shakhtar is a one-speaking squad that fell under the ground, when it does not fight with enemy troops or buildings. This allows him to have a useful ability not to depend on the walls and bypass all traps.
  • Tesla Drone These are powerful air units with mediocre health and high damage. Do not have a preferred attack purpose, they just attack the nearest building. However, as soon as they learn about the heroes (or being attacked by themselves, or being close to another friendly army attack), they will leave their previously chosen building and instead will take into battle with enemy troops.
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