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Clans are groups of players that unite to compete with other Clans by:
  • Number of Trophies. Players try to collect as many Trophies as possible in order to climb up the leaderboard.
  • Clan wars. Clans fight each other, and the winners get loot (rewards in $MCL and resources) and experience.
  • Clan Wars League, a group up to 8 clans compete against each other to progress to other leagues and also receive rewards.

How do Clan Wars Leagues work?

  • Each League of Clan Wars takes place once a month, at the same time.
  • Every month there is a two-day registration period where clans can register.
  • When a clan is registered, it will be placed in a group with seven other clans that have the same league.
  • After creating a group, the Military League begins, which lasts 8 days. Clans will start a round and fight.
  • At the end of the Military League, the best clans go to the higher leagues, and the worst clans go to the lower leagues.
  • Players receive League Medals as a reward for the Military League. They can be spent on items, resources and buildings.


  • At the end of the Clan Wars League, the clan will:
    • remain in its league
    • be promoted to the major league
    • or be demoted to the minor league
  • Clans are ranked by number of medals. If clans have the same number of medals, then they will be ranked by their in-battle statistics.
  • Depending on the league, a different number of clans will be promoted to the highest league and demoted to the lowest.
  • Each player of the clan receives League medals, depending on what place has been taken in the League, and how many stars the player has earned. Players receive a percentage of the full medal reward for reaching a certain number of medals.

League medals:

  • After training, league medals can be obtained from the methods described below:
    • By winning a war against another clan in the group.
    • Getting stars for destroying the bases of players in opposite clans.
    • By receiving a bonus from the leader or co-leader
  • League medals can be spent in a special section of the headquarters store. They can be spent on various items.
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